Garage door springs constitute the major part of the garage door. Most of the people think that their contribution is limited to rolling up and down of the garage door but the springs are attached to multiple parts of garage door and if there is malfunction in them then the whole garage door may stop functioning altogether. Therefore it is important that while planning for garage door spring replacement you should be aware of the factors which may influence your choice. Here below are some of them.

Weight of the door: If the door is heavy then it requires the springs which can bear its weight. Therefore determination of the weight of garage door is one of the factors which require attention and expertise. The pro have appropriate tools to measure the weight of the door.

Usage of door: The doors installed at home on an average are used for two to three times a day but the doors installed at commercial places are sometimes used multiple times. Whenever the garage door moves it exerts pressure of springs and therefore it is necessary that the springs are able to bear the pressure and are not broken frequently. The volume and strength of springs thus will also be dependent upon usage of door.

Opener of door: The manual garage door openers exert more pressure of the springs than the automated openers. It is because the average pressure exerted in automated openers is standardized while it varies in manual openers. So garage door opener also somehow is linked to the springs!

The length, thickness and diameter of the spring depend upon the factors mentioned above. It is very important to make a right choice as the right springs are necessary for the right type of door. All the factors listed above act as a guiding force for the expert to make an appropriate choice for the door springs. Many components of the springs are directly or indirectly dependent upon various factors such as:

Wire size: The wire contained in the garage door spring is responsible for determining its strength. The life of a spring depends upon its strength and its strength is dependent upon the wire size. Thus it is important to weigh the door in a perfect manner.

Thickness of wire of spring: The thick wire gives the tensile strength to the spring to lift the door. The strength required by spring to open and shut the door is somehow dependent on the wire thickness.

Length of spring: The length of spring may change slightly due to deprecation on account of usage, weather and other natural factors. Thus it is necessary to obtain information about the pressure exerted on the garage door spring so that appropriate length then can be adjusted.

So garage door spring replacement is something which requires focusing on various factors and a professional can make a right choice. So if you have to choose as to which garage door spring is best for the door then keep these handy!